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Eileen was nervous, she’d been writing a Jennifer Anne Moreau for the past two years. It’d started out as a simple Elementary school project but Eileen had been excited about taking it past the project. She stood at the train station in Dublin, waiting for Jenny to show up, orange-red hair pulled into a pair of low pigtails, blue eyes wide in mild nervousness. She wore a very baggy blue sweatshirt and a pair of baggy jeans with runners.

The young girl was at that awkward stage where she could easily hide her body because she was so self-concious. Eileen shifted from foot to foot nervously. “Don’t be so nervous hon.” Eileen’s mother stood nearby, hand on her daughter’s shoulder “It’s hard not to be mama.” Eileen looked up at her “I know I’ll mess it up!” Eileen’s mom chuckled a little bit “You’ll be fine.”
The train that belonged to the illustrous Moreau family begun it's final descent down the tracks, It was the family's monthly visit to Ireland in which they'd have the chance to seek out new business prospects and experience the enriching culture which would help the children of the family in the long run. Of course one car in particular was decorated in a soft hue of pink with lace curtains lining the windows on the inside. Painted on the car were many hearts.
A young girl with long dark hair pulled in two pigtails wearing a white hat with a spring green ribbon that matched her dress stepped off the train. She looked around as her chocolate brown eyes scanned her destination. She had been told by her mother to meet her friend's family there since she'd be visiting for the remainder of the week. With sigh she fixed the purse on her shoulder again and looked around hoping to find her friend or at least her friend's family.
“Mama, there she is.” The very shy, very introverted Eileen Harrington tugged gently at her Mother’s hand. Raena Harrington looked up and smiled gently “Jenny, over here dear” Raena waved Jenny over. Eileen blushed as she ducked behind her mother “Mama not so loud!” She whispered.
Jenny looked over and walked over to where she saw the family of her friend. She gave a gentle and polite smile. "Hello, you're Mrs. Harrington?" she asked. "Thank you for inviting me to visit Eileen. I am hoping we'll get to spend a lot of time together."
“I most certainly am, it’s a pleasure to meet you dear. Eileen honey stop hiding.” Eileen peeked her head out from behind her mother, giving a shy smile “Hi Jenny”
Jenny smiled gently. "Hello Eileen it's wonderful to finally meet you face to face." She said. "You're just as you are in the letters. I really like your red hair."
Shyly Eileen fully came out from behind her mother, looking Jenny over “You’re pretty.” She said  “It’s nice to meet you face to face finally too! It’s been a lot of fun writing you these past couple of years” she bounced on her toes a little, her excitement over-riding her nervousness.
Jenny giggled. "It's wonderful, and I really hope you don't mind but when we go to your house I'd love to sing for you and your family." She said.
"Ooooohh you can sing?” Eileen’s eyes widened a bit “I’d love to hear you sing, oh my house is..kind of um..well it’s a ways away, mama and I had to drive all day to get here..” She said shyly “We live in Anbally”
"Really?" Jenny smiled gently. "All right, I'll have my family's staff bring my things along in the second car..."
Eileen blushed a bit “..I hope it’s one of your cars..’cause uhm..we..only have one..”
Jenny smiled. "Oh well umn, I can handle that," she looked at her housing staff unloading her luggage. "I think I overpacked."
Eileen looked down, feeling a little embarassed “I..I didn’t tell you this Jenny...but..we’re not as wealthy as you are..uh..we’re..on the brink of Low class...I think that’s right, right mama?” She looked up and Raena gave a sad smile “..We get by baby”
Jenny nodded. "Oh I see," She said. "That's fine, It's really wonderful you guys are regular people! I don't like having too many people who are wealthy as friends because they're such bores!" She giggled. "So I get to be like other girls for a few days! hooray!"
Eileen and Raena smiled softly. “This way then sweetie.” The older woman patted Jenny on the shoulder “You’ll be sharing Eileen’s room, we only have a two bedroom house, but her bed is big enough.” She walked towards an older car, slightly beat up but obviously well taken care of “In the backseat dears, and buckle up” she opened the trunk and made sure the staff knew that she only had the trunk, they put what Jenny needed in it, and a suitcase of her dolls/stuffed toys then shut the trunk, tipping their hats to the older woman and retreating to the train.
Eileen quietly slipped into the backseat, looking shyly out the window, humming a bit.
Jenny smiled as she got into the backseat and carefully put on her seatbelt. She removed her hat letting her long hair fall onto her lap. She smiled at Eileen and giggled. "I am so excited! I can't wait to see your house Eili!"
Eileen gazed at her penpal, looking her over. She was wealthy, that much was obvious and her clothes were of the best fabric money could buy. To be honest, Eileen was just a little envious about Jenny’s lifestyle, she seemed so happy though. “It’s not a lot, but it’s home.” She replied softly. “At least for now.” A sigh escaped her. “Mama’s applied for a transfer to Japan, there’s supposed to be better jobs there”
"Really?" Jenny said. "Oh yay! I can visit you in Japan too! My momma has a home there that we used to visit all the time before we went back to New York. Though my momma says we live next door to some pond scum."
“..Jenny, what’s it like..being..” Eileen motioned shyly, unable to say it “...does it keep you happy?”
Jenny blinked. "It's really wonderful but my momma raised me to live like a normal girl too. I do chores, I know how to sew, and I always help my momma in the kitchen." She said. "It's basically being like you except we just have money that I cannot even use freely cause my momma still gives me an allowance."
Eileen looked confused a little bit “Sorry, what’s an..allowance?” She asked, tilting her head to the side “Mama..gets money from her worker lady that pays for food and pays our rent..but, we never have money left over.” She sighed. “Mama made me a doll though, wanna see?”
Jenny giggled. "Well it's sort of a payment like a check sort of...though it's regular money to do as we want. I usually spend mine on shopping." She blinked in surprise at hearing that but nodded eagerly at the mention of a doll. "Yes please! I'd love to see your doll!"
Eileen reached into the pouch of her hoodie, pulling out a small cloth doll that looked well-played with “This is my doll” She replied, blinking a couple of times, keeping her confusion at bay “She didn’t have a name before, but I named her Jenny after you”

Jenny giggled. "Oh my really!?" She said looking at the doll and taking it's small hand and gently shaking it. "It's a pleasure to meet you dear Jenny." She leaned close to the doll. "What's that? Oh yes I see, I'll tell her." she giggled and looked up at Eileen. "She just said she's happy to have you as a friend that you make her happy." Jenny giggled. "I speak doll!"
Eileen giggled and hugged her friend “This week is gonna be fun” She said and snuggled her doll “I’m happy she’s happy”
Jenny giggled softly and smiled. "It'll be fun I hope," she said with a smile.
A few hours later, Raena Harrington pulled into the driveway of the single-level two bedroom house that she and her daughter rented. "Here we are dears!" She said cheerfully and Eileen got out of the car "Can I show Jenny my room?" She asked excitedly and Raena chuckled "of course, only an hour until dinner, we're having lamb stew tonight." Eileen nodded and looked at Jenny "come on Jenny!" She ran inside, skipping the entire way whilst holding her cloth doll. She entered her room, wood-paneled and relatively plain with a faded hand-sewn quilt on the bed "Sorry it's not really big in here" She smiled at Jenny sheepishly.
Jenny smiled. "It's all right," she looked around the room as she smiled gently. "Umn...there is something I do have for you...I hope it's not too much...I bought you presents."
Eileen blushed bright pink and ducked her head “ didn’t have to..” She fidgeted shyly and sat on the bed as her mother came in with a couple of the suitcases the staff had put into the trunk. She smiled gently at Eileen and the redhead got off of the bed, leaving the doll for now “I gotta help mama bring your suitcases in, make yourself comfy, kay?” She ran out to help Raena and a few minutes later the suitcases were in the room. “I’ll go start on supper, entertain your friend sweetie.” Raena smiled gently and left the room.
Jenny stood up and walked to her suitcases feeling guilty that her friend and her friend's mother had brought in her things. She looked through the bags and found what she was looking for as she held out five boxes and smiled holding up the last one. "These are for you and your mom." she said.
Eileen’s gaze softened and she looked at the boxes “You’re too sweet Jenny..” She gave the girl a warm hug then looked over them “” she shifted shyly “Which ones..are..are just for me?”
Jenny smiled. "The five big boxes." she said. "And the sixth big box is for your mom from my momma," she stood up and left the room to give Eileen's mom the box before she came back in a few minutes later and smiled at Eileen. "Go ahead and open them, I made sure they were just right for you."
"All..all these? for me?” Eileen was utterly and completely speechless. She sat on the bed a moment before she reached forward, taking one of the boxes and opening it.
Jenny giggled watching Eileen happily hoping she'd like the laptop computer and cell phone that her mother had given to her to give to Eileen. "I wasn't sure if you'd like it or not since my momma chose it for you but I made sure it was personalized for you."
Eileen tilted her head, looking at the phone and computer “These’re really expensive Jenny..” She said in a shy voice.”..We..we don’t..have a cellphone tower..and..we don’t have here..but when we travel to Dublin I can take them with us and use them then..” She shyly smiled at her then opened another box after putting the stuff on the bed beside her.
Jenny giggled happily. "It even has your name on it too." She said. "It's like mine except pale pink." She watched Eileen open the other box as she had gotten Eileen a pair of purple capris with a white and purple diamond print sweater that had a neon blue collared shirt under it. The shoes were a pair of low heels that weren't too high or tall and a small heart hair clip. "I went all the way to the Rizzoradi store to get it for you."
“Rizzoradi?!” Eileen squeaked in shock and stared at the adorable outfit “..That’ don’t know how I can thank you for all of this..goodness me..” She played with the hair clip after gazing at the shoes a moment “Wow..I..I have to make you something to thank you for all of this..” she smiled brightly at her friend, then opened the next box and stared at the quilt inside “Oh..oh my goodness..” She lifted it carefully out of the box, running her small fingers over the beautiful work “Where did you get this? It’s beautiful."
Jenny giggled. "My grandmother made it for you," she said. "She spent a whole year on it and made sure that it was comfy. It has fairies on it and it has the matching pillow cases too, my grandma's a genius with quilting."
Tears brimmed in Eileen’s eyes “Your Gramma made me?” The tears started to fall and she sniffled, hugging the quilt. “Thank you...”
Jenny gasped. "Eileen did I make you sad?" She said softly. "I'm sorry...please don't cry."
Eileen shook her head “I’m not sad..just..really..really thankful..that your gramma was willing to put in so much effort for someone she didn’t know..this means a lot to me..Handmade gifts..they..they mean so much, because so much effort goes into the production of them..and..the time..and effort to make it..all the love that goes into’s got really deep meaning”
Jenny smiled softly and hugged her. "You're important to me!" she said. "And my grandma was happy to do it Eili, she really loves making anything for everyone. Heck she made the flower arrangments for my aunty's wedding back in New Oreleans." She giggled softly.
“These other gifts you’ve brought me, they mean a lot too” Eileen offered her a very bright smile “Because you took the time to think of me..and choose things I would absolutely love” She cuddled into the hug, smiling genuinely “You’re a really good person Jenny”
Jenny giggled. "Aww thank you," she let Eileen go. "Umn...I hate to ask but where is the bathroom? I want to freshen up before dinner...if that's ok." she said gently.
“Oh! Silly me I forgot to give you a tour!!!” Eileen cuddled the quilt once more “this way!” She headed out of her room and down the hall.
Jenny followed Eileen down the hallway, the whole time she was humming to herself. "And after dinner I can sing for you and your mom...though I am not very great at it."
“I’m sure you’re better than me, I sound like a bleating sheep.” Eileen giggled and opened the door to the bathroom, it was clean and very tidy, a bathtub, toilet and sink with a seashell holding the soap. “This is the bathroom..I’m..I’m um..gonna go open those last two boxes” She said shyly.
"Oh trust me your ears might bleed from hearing me," Jenny said as she looked around the bathroom. "Wow, it's so nice and cozy!" she looked at Eileen. "Thank you, I'll be done soon I promise." she ran past Eileen and grabbed her huge suitcase that had her tolietries and other things as she went back into the bathroom and smiled shutting the door.
Eileen walked back into her room and opened the next box, gasping in shock at the simply gorgeous evening gown that was revealed “..Oh..Oh wow..”
Jenny hummed to herself as she filled the tub and poured in her special bubble bath as she got undressed and stepped into the tub as she turned off the water. She hummed to herself and began singing as she did at home as the bubbles engulfed her whole body in it's warmth mixing with the water.
“..It’s like Cinderella’s dress...” Eileen whispered in awe as she carefully lifted it out, the soft blue shimmering. “..Where..why would she get this for me?”
An hour later Jenny got out of the tub and made sure she cleaned it back up before she dried off and put on her spring green robe as she stood in front of the mirror drying her hair off. She began brushing it gently and turned on her flat irons to straighten it a little more than it had been from her travels.
Eileen had very carefully hung the dress up, and was now cuddling the   Liberty statue plushie. She placed the stuffed toy on her bed, running her hand over the dress “..Where would..I wear this?” She whispered, gaze wide. She hadn’t stopped staring at it the entire time.

Jenny walked back into Eileen's room still wearing her robe as her long hair was now down to the middle of her knees and she had yet to tie it back up in pigtails. She pulled her suitcase behind her and put it neatly back in the corner as she knelt down in front of her others and pulled out the clothes she'd wear for the night during dinner.
Dean Winchester.: Raena had left the box on the kitchen table for the time being, having focusing on cooking, she hummed softly, as she did so, stirring the stew, the sweet smell of lamb filling the kitchen.
“ got me a Cinderella dress..” Eileen gazed at her “..You remembered that’s my favorite princess!”
Jenny giggled. "Well I thought it'd be fun for you to wear to a party one day," she said. "If you come to my sweet sixteen party you can wear it there!" She looked up at Eileen as her eyes shined with happiness and she pulled out a bottle of lavender and sprayed it on.
Eileen blushed brightly “I..I guess I could..” She said shyly and stared a moment longer at Jenny, then cuddled the stuffed toy. “Careful, mama’s allergic to scented stuff”
Jenny gasped. "Really? I didn't know..." She put the bottle away before she picked up her clothes and began putting on the socks first. "I am glad we finally met Eili, it's so wonderful," She said. "My momma was excited for me to visit you and your mom." she stood up pulling the robe off and began putting on a green and purple long-sleeved shirt.
Eileen quickly looked away from Jenny getting dressed, turning her attention to the dress again when an "OH MY GOODNESS” from the kitchen made her look up. “mama?!” She ran out and stared at the gifts her mother had gotten “ that a check?” She asked and Raena nodded, looking at it “..A-Apparently my dear, I’m going to be working for Mrs. Moreau..”
Jenny finished getting dressed as she walked into the kitchen and smiled gently while tying her hair up in a high ponytail. "So that's what my momma was putting in that box." She said giggling.
“Your family is so generous..” Raena looked at Jenny “I need to thank her personally..” She walked over to the phone and picked up the reciever, phoning Mrs.Moreau.
Jenny smiled brightly. "She's gonna be in for a surprise when my momma tells her what else she has done for her."
Linda Moreau answered her cell phone. "Hello, Linda Moreau here, who may I ask is calling?"
“Mrs. Moreau, this is Raena Harrington speaking.” Raena began and sat down at the table “..I don’t know if you’re too busy, but would you like to come over for dinner? It’s not much, just lamb stew but I want to thank you for your generosity.”
Linda smiled. "Why of course, I'm in the area actually it seems that my daughter left behind something important and I was going to return it." She said. "I take that you've recieved my gifts Raena? I really hope that you accept them with a wonderful smile."
“..The smile has yet to leave my face” Raena admitted, gazing at the beautiful gown in awe.“Thank you so much”
"You're welcome, I'll see you soon," Linda said. "Oh and Raena...."
Raena's smile widened a little as Jenny's mother continued the conversation“Yes, Linda?”
"Please call me Linda," She said. "No need to be formal with me, we are friends as well as coworkers."
“I look forward to seeing you soon.” Raena stated “It’s a pleasure” She hung up “Oh dear, I’m a mess..Eileen, don’t let the stew burn!” Eileen nodded “Okay mama!” She ran to the stove and pushed a chair against it. She was short for her age after all and the pot was none too small. The redhead carefully stirred the stew as Raena hurried into the bathroom to freshen up.
Jenny smiled watching Eileen. "Oh wow you're cooking? How fun!" she said. "What is being made for dinner anyway?"
Eileen blushed “it’s lamb stew” She replied, looking at Jenny “Mama makes it once a month and it’s so good”
Jenny stared in hororr. "L...lamb?"
Eileen blinked “It honestly tastes like chicken” She replied gently “There’s no need to be horrified”
Jenny nodded. "Ahem...all right," She said deciding to be polite and try it. "I really feel happy you guys are happy!"
Eileen smiled brightly and blinked as someone knocked at the door “Um..Jenny, could you get the door, please? Mama’s in the bathroom and I can’t leave the stove.”
Jenny nodded as she went to the door. "All right," She fixed her hair and answered the door. "Hello?"
“Thank you!” Eileen said from the kitchen, adding a few spices. Her mom always forgot that one little spice that just made the whole stew delicious.
Jenny gasped. " Momma!" she hugged her happily. "You are here for what?"
Linda giggled. "Why because you forgot this," She held a small yellow box up to Jenny. "you know you need to sleep with this, and I've come to say hello to Raena as we have some business to discuss."
"Oh ok," Jenny grabbed her mother's hand and led her into the kitchen. "Eileen, guess who's here!"
Eileen glanced over her shoulder, blushing bright crimson at how beautiful Linda Moreau was. “Good evening Mrs. Moreau” She said politely then continued stirring the stew. “Welcome to the Harrington household!”
Linda smiled. "Hello Eileen dear you don't need to be formal, please call me Mama-Lind, Everyone else does." She said. "It's wonderful to meet you finally. Jenny talks a lot about you."
Eileen giggled “Sorry, mama’s always told me that I need to be formal when a new guest enters the’s nice to meet you too! Um...what’s Jenny said about me?.” She tilted her head as Raena exited the bathroom “How’s that stew coming de-Oh my hello Linda!” She smiled brightly at Jenny's mother. “Welcome to my humble abode."
Linda smiled gently. "Jennifer Anne's said a lot about you. She says you're really a wonderful person and that you are really studious." She then smiled at Raena. "Hello Raena It's so wonderful to see you once again. I really find your home cozy and warm just as expected of a woman of your brilliance."
Both Eileen and Raena blushed in unison, Raena’s face going brighter pink than she would ever care to admit “..Oh Pshaw..I’m hardly brilliant, but thank you” She replied genuinely and Eileen giggled shyly “You said that all about me Jenny??” She stepped aside as Raena took over and she gazed up at Linda “..Thank you, for everything Mama-Lind”
Linda smiled brightly. "You are," she said. "Oh Ranea I thought it'd be wonderful if I told you of your new home in Japan," She pulled out her cell phone and showed the pictures.
Jenny nodded. "Yep!" she said. "You're my best friend Eili!"
“..You..have already gotten a house for us?!” Raena was in utter shock as she viewed the pictures. “Goodness me..I will need ten arms to clean such a large place..” she was thankfu, that was for sure but..she wasn't used to so much help.”You are so generous and kind Linda, why did I not meet you sooner?” She giggled slightly. Eileen gave Jenny another hug “I can’t wait!”
Linda giggled. "You won't have to lift a finger," She said. "Some of the housing staff for the Moreau family will be there to assist with the household chores for rooms you cannot clean."  
"..You..have already gotten a house for us?!” Raena was in utter shock as she viewed the pictures. “Goodness me..I will need ten arms to clean such a large place..” she was thankfu, that was for sure but..”You are so generous and kind Linda, why did I not meet you sooner?” She giggled slightly. Eileen gave Jenny another hug “I can’t wait!”
Jenny giggled. "Oh Eileen I have an idea!" she said grabbing Eileen's hand and pulling her towards her room again.
Eileen squeaked but followed Jenny, smiling happily. “I can’t believe it..our luck is really turning around..”
“Goodness me..” Raena whispered and smiled genuinely at Linda. “You’re such a wonderful woman.”
Jenny giggled. "For new luck you need a whole new look." she said pulling Eileen to sit on the bed.
Linda smiled. "No thanks is necessary Raena," she said. "I wish to help you and Eileen with settling in Japan. I've spoken with the chairman of Ouran and he's willing to allow Eileen to enroll in the school. Before you ask about how she's going to attend, our company has paid for her schooling."
Raena’s eyes filled with tears at the prospect of her daughter going to one of the most prestigious schools in the whole of Japan “Oh Linda..thank you so much..truly, thank you oh my..Ouran..She will get such opportunities that I never did..”
Eileen blinked “Wait..w-what?” she stared at Jenny “A..A new look? Like what?”
Linda smiled gently. "I really know that Eileen will be able to have so much that other children didn't." She said.

Jenny smiled and pulled out her hair brush as she took Eileen's hair down from the pigtails. "Leave it to me!"
Eileen’s hair, once released was roughly mid-back length and rather wavy. She closed her eyes, waiting for the girl to comment on her hair. “I cannot thank you enough Linda. Really.” Raena smiled and gave her a quick hug, then proceeded in cooking supper.
Jenny hummed as she brushed Eileen's hair. "You just need a little magic," She said simply. "And of course the love and care it's lacked."

Linda smiled. "Oh you don't have to thank me," She said. "It's what friends are for."
“I’m a very thankful person” Raena smiled brightly at Linda.

“..I brush and wash it every day, what more can I do with it?” Eileen asked, glancing at Jenny.

Linda smiled. "And I am glad our daughters are getting along," She said. "It's been a long time since I've seen Jennifer Anne smile like that."

Jenny giggled. "You need to let your hair know you love it," she said. "Bounding it up all the time is bad for it. You need to let it breathe." She finished brushing Eileen's hair and picked up her make up kit and began putting a bit of lip shine on Eileen's lips. "And you need to show your inner and outer beauty." She said. "Close your eyes and open your heart."
Eileen shook her head “But, I’ve no need for makeup.” she replied, sitting back away from Jenny. “I’ve never worn it, I don’t even own eyeshadow..” She said quietly. “I’ll start taking better care of my hair, but, I don’t wanna do the make up”
Jenny smiled. "Eileen, a little lip shine won't hurt," She said. "You can barely see it." she said gently as she held up the mirror and showed Eileen her new hairstyle. "See, you look beautiful!"
Raena nodded “Eileen has been talking about Jenny non-stop. The two seem to have gotten very close.” She smiled brightly as she removed the box from the table and started setting it.
Eileen stared into the mirror, blushing bright pink “It looks weird being down like that..”
Linda smiled. "It's wonderful that she has a friend now," She said. "The two of them were meant to be friends."
"You look beautiful, inside and out," Jenny said with a giggle and held up an outfit for Eileen. "You can wear this tonight, I dont' like the pants since I don't wear em and you can borrow the tank top and the little sheer tie that goes with it. so change in to it. I know you'll look even prettier!"
Eileen blushed brightly but nodded “okay” She gently took the garments and hurried to the bathroom, taking a bath first before she got dressed, using the hair dryer on her hair. “..Jenny?” She asked, tightening the robe around herself. “Can you..maybe straighten my hair?”
Jenny nodded. "Of course," she plugged in the flat irons and smiled. "But first," she walked over to her and pulled her towards the mirror. "Close your eyes, and open your heart." She said gently with a giggle.
“..Don’t over do it.” Eileen pleaded then closed her eyes “I trust you Jenny”
Jenny nodded as she began straightening Eileen's hair while singing. She ran the irons through her hair and added a small curl each time she'd straighten it. She smiled and finished before she sprayed Eileen's hair with hair glitter and sat it down on the floor. "Done." she said.
“...Okay..just gotta get dressed..” Eileen kept her eyes closed as she turned away from the mirror and looked at Jenny “..I’ll be out in a second, kay?”

Jenny nodded. All right," she headed out of the bathroom and giggled as she went to Eileen's room and sat on the bed.
Eileen got dressed in the outfit Jenny had provided and she swallowed, turning and staring into the mirror “OH MY GOSH!”
Jenny smiled at hearing Eileen as she giggled. "She likes it!"
“MAMA! MAMAAA I LOOK LIKE A PRINCESS!!” Eileen ran out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. Raena gasped “Oh my goodness you look beautiful!”
Linda giggled. "Oh my I detect this is Jennifer Anne's handiwork." she said. "Eileen you look just darling!"
Jenny walked into the kitchen. "Eileen wait!" she said walking over and untying the top skirt over the jeans as she retied it so the long part would be at the back and the front where tied would be at the front as she clipped on a flower clip. "There now it's perfect."
“I love it, it’s” Eileen smiled brightly and hugged Jenny close “Thank you so much!!” she cuddled into her. “This has got to be the best thing ever!”
Jenny giggled. "You're welcome but I didn't do did it yourself by opening your inner and outer beauty." she said with a smile.
Eileen finished the last bit of stew, dabbing her lips with the napkin her mom provided. She smiled brightly at Raena “That was delicious mama” She said happily and Raena smiled “Don’t worry, I’ll keep the monthly stew up when we move” She winked and Eileen giggled.
Linda smiled. "It was a wonderful meal," She said. "You are very gifted with preparing stew."
Jenny nodded polietly though she didn't really like it but smiled. "Yes it was good." she said before looking at Eileen. "I did promise to sing for you guys right? Want to hear me now?"
Eileen giggled “I can’t wait to hear it.” she cleared the table and put the dishes in the sink for now then sat down at the table by her mother again. Raena smiled softly “Go ahead dear” She said to Jenny.
Jenny smiled. "All right," she closed her eyes and began singing one of the songs she had learned from her aunt. She fell deep into the melody of the song she sung while smiling brightly.
“Wow..she’s got a pretty voice.” Eileen remarked and Raena nodded “She really does. Wait until I get you to sing.” She winked at her daughter who blushed “I’m not singing mama, I sound terrible..” Eileen muttered and listened to Jenny.
Jenny finished the song and blushed. "Umn...I hope I didn't make anyone's ears bleed."
"You did wonderfully as usual dear," Linda said. "But you should watch your high notes because you can destroy your voice like that."
Jenny nodded. "Yes momma." she looked at Eileen and Raena. "Umn...did I sound bad? I'm sorry if I did."
Both shook their heads. “You sounded fine to me.” Eileen replied softly “Better than what I could do”
Jenny gasped. "Eili you can sing I bet!" she said. "Come on sing with me! It'll be fun! please!"
Eileen shook her head “No, don’t make me sing, I sound terrible, please.” She said and in a moment of shyness, buried her face in her mother’s shirt.
Jenny giggled. "Aww but...but it's ok! I can wait awhile to hear you." she said. "You're gonna have to break out of your shyness one day! And when you do I am soo gonna get you to sing with me."
“You’re gonna have to wait a long time then.” Eileen stuck her tongue out at Jenny playfully “I’ll never sing.”
Jenny smiled. "You will!" she said giggling.

*~*~*~TWO YEARS LATER*~*~*
Eileen took a deep, calming breath as she stepped into the doors of Ouran Academy. Two years had passed and she’d finished her schooling in the middle school area of Ouran. Her mother Raena had moved them to Japan shortly after Jenny went back home. She was wearing the flower hair clip that had been given to her that day and she touched it, a sense of friendship still embedded in the hairclip. “Jenny..” She said quietly “..I wonder how she is.” She shook her head, chuckling a bit. That Lady Liberty doll still was on her bed, and so was the quilt Jenny’s grandma had made for her. She had never parted with any of the gifts except for the outfits, which she had grown out of. As she turned the corner, an open library door caught her eye and she walked in. Her hair had been straightened and she had put it in a pair of low pigtails for the sake of sanity and not constantly brushing her hair out of her face.
The sound of singing was heard coming from the library's top most floor. A girl with long pigtails stood near the window while singing as her eyes were closed in content. Her voice sounded professional rather than shaky and untrained. She held out a hand and continued singing as she opened her eyes gazing out the window at the sun shining and warming her delicate skin on her face.
She was at peace as her mind wandered to the friends she had made recently even though she missed all of her friends she made before attending Ouran Academy. However her heart and mind was on finding her promise boy as her singing got louder.
Eileen looked over at the girl with the dark hair near the window, hand touching that hair clip again. The singing was familiar to her though she couldn't quite place it..

Then it hit her.
The soft melody was once untrained and shaky, but it seemed her old penpal had gotten a lot better at singing. Eileen approached Jenny, one of her dearest friends that she hadn't seen in two years. She paused a moment, less than a foot away and spoke softly "Jenny?" she asked quietly. Hopefully Eileen wouldn't make a fool of herself if she mistook this girl for someone she knew. "Jenny is that you?"
Jenny turned around still singing as she hit the last note perfectly and ran over to Eileen as she giggled and hugged her. "Eili!" she said brightly. "Is that really you!?"
Eileen’s blue eyes widened considerably as Jenny turned and hugged her close, tears starting to brim, then falling “JENNY!!!” She clung to her tightly. “Oh my gods have I missed you!!”
Jenny smiled. "Oh Eili I missed you too!" she said hugging her back and giggling. "You're crying...did I make you sad?"
“Silly, they’re happy tears!!!” Eileen beamed at her “Wow you’ve gotten better at singing..OH! Right I have something for you!” She stepped away from her and took out a box from her bag, handing it to Jenny. “..I made it for you”
Jenny blinked as she took the box and opened it. Her eyes widened. "Soo cute!"
“I made her just for you..I was going to give it to you sooner but..we sort of lost contact.” Eileen blushed a little bit.
Jenny looked at the doll. "Oh my gosh she is soo cute!" she hugged the cloth doll close and giggled happily. "Oh my...what's that? Your name is Eileen too? how cute!"
Eileen started giggling “Still able to talk to dolls?” she asked. “I can’t believe it’s been two goodness..”
Eileen Harrington and Jenny Moreau are technically childhood friends. They started out as penpals in Elementary school, then 2 years later met in middle school because Jenny's parents visited Ireland. Much to the surprise of Eileen's mother Raena, she got a position working for the Moreaus. Jenny and her family stayed in Ireland for a week, then went home. Shortly after that, Raena and Eileen moved to Japan, where Eileen started school but lost contact with Jenny.

Two years later they reunite at Ouran Academy.
Jenny Moreau (c) to :iconaihara-yukii:
Eileen Harrington (c) to me.

Enjoy!!!! (Be warned it's a LONG READ)
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